Luke can be booked for a variety of keynote speeches and trainings. Here are a select few.


Beating the Odds

In this keynote, I drive home the importance of understanding the “why” of teaching before we can get to the “what” and “how”. The vision of Beating the Odds is revealed through my own personal story, my student’s stories, and the story of my school. I introduce the five principles that have driven our success:

  1. Hire the best and support them in their growth.

  2. Build positive relationships with students and colleagues.

  3. Shared leadership.

  4. High quality instruction.

  5. Demand equitable outcomes.


Inspiring Authentic Student Motivation

In this keynote, I outline my framework for becoming a Jedi teacher. The key element that pushes great teachers to Jedi level is becoming a master of motivation. Based on real experience, I discuss my top five strategies for getting a student to work beyond their potential:

  1. Promote growth mindset over fixed mindset.

  2. Develop meaningful and respectful relationships with students.

  3. Grow a community of learners in your classroom.

  4. Establish high expectations and clear goals.

  5. Be inspirational!


Growing Teacher Leaders

The most successful schools are not led by administrators alone. Teachers must be involved in the planning, decision -making, and activation of initiatives in order to promote organic, sustainable change within schools. In this keynote, I outline the development of Rising Teacher Leaders, a program initiated in my school to help grow teachers into leaders. I will discuss several strategies to help your staff or colleagues to increase their influence for positive change.


Creating and Leading a High Power Group

In this keynote I discuss effective strategies for leading a group towards positive change, including how to create a shared vision, how to lead a productive meeting, how to build a collaborative team, and how to grow accountability within the group. These strategies can be implemented at many leadership levels, including your classroom, your department, your school, and beyond.