I’m lucky enough to be able to travel for work and meet educators around the country, but when I’m not working toward success with my colleagues and students, I’m busy leading a fulfilling, active lifestyle outside of school.

My wife, Jamie, is an amazing elementary school teacher. Our two awesome kids, Reese and Trey, keep us both energized. We enjoy travelling to new places, seeking out new experiences, and learning about cultures different than our own. 

Fitness is important to me, and I usually try to eat healthy (exceptions: tacos and chicken wings). I have participated in 5k, 10k, and 25k races, triathlons, Ragnar races, Tough Mudders, and even a marathon. Summer is full of running, hiking, biking, and in the winter I make time for snowboarding.

I’ve always had a fascination with cars, and most of my automotive interests revolve around having fun on a budget. I’ve built race cars for under $2,000, done some endurance racing with a $500 car, made some videos of my Honda Civic wagon, and even chopped the top off my minivan and driven it from Chicago to Miami!



This blog documents some of the rad stuff I get to do with some really good people in my life.


The Chop Top Challenge is an annual road rally where teams compete to get the most points while traveling from Chicago to a destination city in a car that they chopped the top off of. I started the rally with my brother after an epic road trip that we took in our Chop Top CRX. It takes place at the beginning of April every year.

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wagon attack

The Wagon Attack web film franchise documents my love for my (now-defunct) 1989 Honda Civic Wagon. The Wagon is a Real Time 4WD with the OEM 6-speed gearbox. It has a turbocharged SOHC D16Z6. It was also super rusted, had mismatched seats, dangerously clunky suspension, and was covered in bed liner and skulls. I made these movies with my good buddies.

The Stats Medic

The Stats Medic provides teachers with the insight and resources to become a healthy and confident Statistics teacher. With better Statistics instruction, students will be more engaged with the content and recognize the value that it provides in their lives.